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From small beginnings

Melbourne Wireless began around External linkMay 2001 as a External linkwebsite and External linkmailing list. Originally the website was called Melbourne: Digital and Wireless having been created by Steven Haigh and his housemate, Glen Brunning.

The First Meeting

First Melbourne Wireless meeting
Left to right around booth: Michael Borthwick, Tyson Clugg, Dwayne Jones-Evans, Adrian Close, David "Clae" Gason, Tony Langdon, Steven Haigh, Glen Brunning, Micheal Hall. Centre: Nick Sibbing, Barry Park.

The first Melbourne Wireless meeting took place on 14 December 2001 and was organised by Nick Sibbing and others via External linkemail.

Incorporation and formation of the committee

At the meeting on 14 June 2002, those present voted in favour of incorporation under the Model Rules for Incorporated Associations. A vote was taken to appoint Steven Haigh as president until the first AGM on 8 November 2002.
A committee was appointed, consisting of the following members:
PresidentSteven Haigh
Vice-presidentDarren Dreis
SecretaryDavid Gason
TreasurerTyson Clugg
Ordinary Committee MembersTristan Gulyas
Rowan Wainwright-Smith
Finally, Melbourne Wireless became Melbourne Wireless Inc. after formal incorporation of the association on 24 June 2002.

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