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Melbourne Wireless Inc. Committee Meeting

Please address all comments and queries to the committee.

Attendance at committee meetings is by invitation from the committee only. Members and the general public are welcome to attend any general meeting.

Location:Solomon Room
External linkIan Wark Laboratory
Bayview Avenue
Clayton VIC 3168


President:Tyson Clugg (TC)
Vice President:Darren Dreis (DD)
Secretary: Vaskos Tsiatis (VT)
Treasurer:James Healy (JH) - via telephone
Guest Speakers:(none)

1. Opening Remarks (TC)

2. Correspondance (VT)

3. Membership (VT)

Details of membership will not be published due to privacy requirements, and will instead be minuted by the Secretary (Vaskos Tsiatis) and kept separate from the public minutes.

4. Financial Report (JH)

4.1 Budget

4.2 House bill status

5. Business

5.1 Banner logo

5.2 Little things to get out of the way

5.3 Membership Formalisation

5.4 New website

5.5 Bank account details

:Melbourne Wireless Inc.
Westpac: Glen Waverley Shopping Centre
BSB: 033385
ACCT: 242991

Members to put surname in description field AND email a copy of the transaction to treasurer.

5.6 Server

Draft letter to ISPS (DD): 4RU rack space
Require access for our sysadmins
VT to talk to Brett at alphalink

5.7 Planning day followup

Over the next 3 weeks, the committee will organise what we want for a distribution or at least a well documented list of what needs to be done.

Client node & routing node...

Aim to use the most common equipment around today. Enterasys, WL200, Dlink APs. Etc

Get hardware and software guys together to work these issues out.

So in 3 weeks, the committee wants to decide on basically what we want from these distribution, ie security, routing, access control, etc.

5.8 Meeting

Newbies introduction 5 mins at the start. Simple presentation of MW and how to connect a node.

6. Task List

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