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Additional writing habits have formed beyond those mentioned in GoodStyle. Here are some more suggestions, some of which are subsequently debated.

  1. At the top, establish a context: Tell the reader what the page is about.
  2. Tell important information first, go into details later. Think of the wiki page as newspaper article. Readers are impatient: they start at the top and read down. If they care enough about the page to edit it, they scroll to the bottom (because the EditText button is there).
  3. Link to other relevant wiki pages wherever possible. Links increase the value of the WikiWikiWeb.
  4. Use categories for automatic indexing. See WikiCategories.
  5. Unless you prefer anonymity, sign and date your comment. -- LarsAronsson (18 May 2001)
  6. Readers love enumerated lists, (of 5 entries +/-2 i.e. 3-7 entries).

These probably deserve to be considered, pondered, cherished and grokked for a while before eventual inclusion in GoodStyle.

On the other hand ...

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