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Anyone who has a Handheld or Palm type PC should contibute here.


Peter Long (aka shorty)

I own a Cassiopeia A-11A with 4 Mb of RAM running a Roamabout 11Mb card on two AA batteries. The drivers also work with the WaveLAN Bronze 2Mb card.

See article at

http://www.wireless.org.au/stories.php?story=02/05/07/6912827 -- it's dead Jim

for more details.

The setup is...

Toshiba 440CDT laptop with ADSL access and Roamabout 11Mb card. Using the registry hack it is now assigned as an AccessPoint. Also running on this machine is ActiveSync - used to syncronise the Cassiopeia with the PC and WinProxy to allow wireless access to the internet. My original WebGear 2Mb FHSS cards came with a 2 user version of WinProxy. Some External linkhints for setting up Wireless Networking on a Pocket PC can be seen at.
External linkDrivers for Windows CE 2.0

Don't forget to install the network drivers on the Cassiopeia. They are located on the WinCE CD under Optional stuff.

By increasing the font in Explorer you can actually read most web sites. Of course some of the more modern flashy sites don't work.

Also have now figured out why the handheld could not connect to the local network. Seems that the other machines didn't like the name hand_held. Take out the _ and it works nicely on the network. Now happily downloading via wireless to handheld device.


Toshiba e740

xscale 400mhz handheld with BUILT IN 802.11b. still trying to figure out which chipset it has.

External linkreview

External linkfcc page

I also use one of these - very succesfully - connected to my Lucent RG1 in access point mode. I believe it uses a prism chip set.
The range is excellent (around 30m inside the house, drops back to 2Mbps in rooms which are behind two solid brick walls, otherwise stays on 11Mbps. The RG1 is on a window frame and gives me around 50m range in the garden on that side of the house.
The RG1 is connected to my proxy server via ethernet, and provides live access to the web, e-mail and ftp, as well as any shares and files on the proxy server and any other PC running on the LAN. Very cool to run videos and wma files off the harddisk on my desktop PC while sitting in the garden under a tree....
I've also experimented with MS Portrait (video conferencing software) between the desktop PC and the e740 - it works just fine! Can't think of any particular use for it at home though ;) .... maybe it will be cool once our wireless community network is up and running.
Joe in Bendigo


HP iPAQ H3870

I'm using a Symbol low power 802.11b CF card with my iPAQ running Linux.

The drivers I'm using are the External linkSpectrum24 drivers, but the above site is now returning the following message...

'' spectrum_cs driver has been committed to the CVS repository of the External linkOrinoco project. Please use
the CVS version or any releases off the HEAD branch made after February 2, 2004
(there are none of the time of this writing). The feedback should be sent to
the mailing lists for the project. Support requests sent by personal e-mail
are likely to be ignored. ''

This driver has been External link packaged up in an .ipk for Familiar by Nils Faerber.

-- CameronMcCormack

iPAQ H3630

With CF cradle and CF to PCMCIA adapter
I use a Roamabout CSIBD-AB 802.11b PCMCIA card with the drivers available from their web site.

Plenty of softare out there... FTP/flash/better browsers than explorer/Shoutcast....




iPAQ H3630

With PCMCIA Cradle..

I use an Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card with the drivers available from their web site.

I have a pigtail which plugs into this with a Cantenna.

I've upgraded it to Pocket PC 2002 and run mini-stumbler and VXUtils on it which provide Ping, Traceroute, Port Scanning etc..




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