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Its over! all finished.

Huge thanks to Barry and everyone that helped out. Fun day was had by all.

Pictures can be found at installfest


Melbourne Wireless will host its first wireless convention and field day at Strathcona Baptist Grammar School, Camberwell, on Saturday, November 23.

The day will be an opportunity for anyone who is having issues with access points to come along and use the resources of Melbourne Wireless (and LUV if it's an open-source OS) to build a working group point under any operating system.

The External linkLUV website has more details including start/finish times.

The day will also be an opportunity for people to build and test antennas and cantennas, and stream voice and data.

At this stage, we need:
If anyone can help with any of these can they e-mail (old link removed)


We need:

Access point* (DLink 900APTomParker)(Alloy 2422APS MarkVincent}

Superpass omni* (RobertTchia)

20m of Cat5 cable* (TroyMitchell)

20m of power extension cord (vak)

A switch or hub (TomParker 10Monly 16port)External linkStewartPark 8 port n-way switch)

Early morning pre-event technical consultants (ie. roadies) (Darius)(TroyMitchell) (TimshelKnoll) (RyanM) (RobertTchia) (NickSibbing)External linkStewartPark

Chief technology officer to handle network problems* (AndrewGriffiths)

Installation/software consultants for access point installs and antenna-building workshops (Darius) (TroyMitchell) (TimshelKnoll) (RyanM)

(RobertTchia) will bring a Win98 lappy for Orinoco firmware upgrade.

(MarkVincent) will also bring a Win98 lappy for Orinoco firmware upgrade.

(AndrewGriffiths) will be running a IRC server for the day.

(Troy Dack (troy@tkdack.com) - LUV installfest server including:

network installable images for Debian, Red Hat & Mandrake.
Gentoo rsync & distfiles server with about 2.5GB of sources.
Gentoo stage-# tar balls for a variety of architectures
ISO images for Debian, RH (7.3 & 8.0), MDK (8.2 & 9.0).
1 x 8-port 10/100 el-cheapo Surecom switch.

ProFX's server has images of:

RedHat 8.0/7.3, Mandrake 9.0, Debian 3.0r0, FreeBSD 4.7, FreeBSD 4.6.2

OpenBSD 3.2/3.1, Knoppix 3.1, WarLinux 0.5, QNX 6.2.0/6.1

TysonClugg is bringing:
DarrenDreis and Vaskos Tsiatis are bringing:

Roles marked with * are required to be there all day unless you organise some form of job-sharing arrangement.

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