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In late November 2009 I established a weak link (-86dBm) in the 5GHz band to HVC at a distance of 3Km. We are currently testing to improve the strength and reliability of the link.

BAE has moved to Bridge Road Richmond halfway between Church and Burnley.

Currently testing a Ubiquiti Bullet 5 link to HVC in the city in order to gain access to the backbone. The Bullet 5 is connected to a 15dBi parabolic given to me by MW sponsor Duxtel. The antenna is mounted on a 3 metre length of 61mm diameter steel tube, the base of which rests on my roof. I have discovered I could have purchased aluminium tube for same price as mild steel and of the same diameter.

Have been contacted by KGC who is nearby and will commence testing shortly.

If the link can be established to HVC then MW services will be provided via a Superpass omni on the roof. I have various other antennas available to form point-to-point links with others in the Central area or beyond.

I may even be able to provide some mobile access in Bridge Rd.

I am on the top floor of a two storey building so should have some LOS around the area.

The node was formerly in Hawthorn and was the source of the Internet link for the MW Annual Christmas BBQ on the Yarra.

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