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Node CIB - status 21/08/04




Gathering hardware, building home network


Near Batman Station, Coburg North - cr Gaffney and Sydney

Line of Sight

Please feel free to email me if you are in the following areas, and would like to try some experimental linkage. Anyone who wants to come play roof monkeys is welcome too - especially if you have access to a two storey ladder :-)

Coming soon!


I'm pretty inexperienced at networking. I've been a Mac user since for ever, and have always used Appletalk networks (serial port adapter, bus topology, proprietary protocol). They are fairly plug and play as you'd expect, but it doesn't teach you anything about IP for example. I have never set up a *nix box, although I have used them occasionally. The same goes for Windows boxes and IP/Ethernet networks. I'd certainly appreciate a whack with the cluestick.

edit: about to build a *nix based router from Toshiba laptop, and install YDL on a PPC machine.

There are two nodes under development here. Cheaply as possible is going to be the key to getting them up, as my total income is fixed at about $220 a week, apart from excess hardware sales. And I still have an analogue synth habit to support :-)



Adventure Playtime Industries. This is my new residence, a large warehouse conversion in Coburg. The internal home network will serve DSL, printing and files to 3-6 client machines, mixed Win/*nix/OS X/MacOS environment.

Mobile Node

Low-power (see below) system for Toyota Dyna mobile home. This will be a leaf/ad hoc node initially - probably just a laptop and roof mounted omni.

Eventually adding directional(s) and mast, and a low-power flashable AP/router or embedded/SBC board. Then GPS, antenna rotators.

General idea being to provide local AP service at temporary sites (like Melbourne Wireless meetings, parties, festivals, conferences, protests) and bridge to the rest of the network.


Wireless Gear

Unix-capable Macs



PC hardware

Client Machines


More Information

Sale and trade page: ClaeTrade

For further information click here to email.

More information on Mac gear can be found here

Low Power

A note about low-power use. The mobile system will spend at least part of its life running from a battery bank charged by solar panels and/or a small wind turbine. All of these are expensive, so spending a little extra on hardware to get the power useage down is well worth it. The laptop would use somewhere between 10 and 45 watts depending on screen, HD and wireless activity. To give you an idea, a 40 watt solar panel is about $450 - and that's peak power, at noon on a sunny day. Ideally, I want to get down to under 5 watts, which might be possible with a flashed AP.

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