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Hi All,

ICY is Located towards the back of Rye, I am in a bad location really for line of sight, but the house originally had a VHF marine radio attached to quite a large mast, apparently the radio could easily reach the Bay.

I have just come into the possession of a couple of Grid Antennas rated at rougly 19dbi, and am experimenting with an old Galaxy Sat Dish and hoping to achieve a dbi of around 29-31.

I am really interested in achieving a connection with a node towards Rosebud, and helping to provide connectivity further down the peninsula towards Blairgowrie, & Sorrento.

Because of the curvature of the peninsula, I have line of sight to Arthurs Seat, which could provide an excellent location of a node that could link up with Dromana / Mt Martha.

Come on, Lets rally get the Peninsula Linked!

I'll try and provide some photos of the views soon!



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