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text Pronunciation Key (tkst)

        1. The original words of something written or printed, as opposed to a paraphrase, translation, revision, or condensation.
        2. The words of a speech appearing in print.
        3. Words, as of a libretto, that are set to music in a composition.
        4. Words treated as data by a computer.
  2. The body of a printed work as distinct from headings and illustrative matter on a page or from front and back matter in a book.
  3. One of the editions or forms of a written work: After examining all three manuscripts, he published a new text of the poem.
  4. Something, such as a literary work or other cultural product, regarded as an object of critical analysis.
  5. A passage from the Scriptures or another authoritative source chosen for the subject of a discourse or cited for support in argument.
  6. A passage from a written work used as the starting point of a discussion.
  7. A subject; a topic.
  8. A textbook.
  9. Something that pops up on the MostWanted, but really shouldn't

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