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The Region Groups are the people in your neighborhood

To facilitate more efficient network routing, and to help people organise on a local level, Melbourne has been divided into eleven geographic regions. The region boundaries lie roughly along the crests of hilltops, so people within a region should have a reasonable chance of getting a good Line-Of-Sight to each other.

The Region Groups have their own mailing lists and get-togethers, and the people in them often help each other out with mast-raisings and so on.

Note that these boundaries are not set in stone! If you have better LineOfSight to people in the region next door to you, join that region instead (in your LocFinder settings). Of course, nothing's stopping you from getting involved in the activities of any of your nearby regions.

Which group are you in? Check External linkthis detailed map to find out.

Area Boundaries
The area boundaries superimposed over the current LocFinder Links Map.

A big version of the above map can be External linkseen here.
A huge version of the map can be External linkseen here
You can also look at an 800x800 area map with labels on each area.


OSPF stands for Open Shortest Path First. It is a network routing protocol used by many nodes on the Melbourne Wireless network. It relies on "zones" to work out where to route data to. Melbourne has been divided up into eleven regions to facilitate the organisation of regional node clusters. OSPF controls the routing within each cluster (or zone), and the routing of data between clusters. When you create or edit your node in LocFinder you can specify which Region you are in. Doing so will ensure you are allocated IP addresses from the correct address range.(really?)

Regional Groups

3RGMaribyrnong encompassing RGNorthWest
4RGInnerNorth encompassing RGMerri
5RGDarebin and RGNorthernHills
6RGNorthEast aka RGYarraNorth
8RGInnerEast aka RGEastern
9RGOuterEasternAndFoothills aka RGDandenongFoothills

Other Areas in Victoria

These areas are not Regional Groups of Melbourne Wireless as such, but we include maps of these areas in case people there want to register their nodes in LocFinder.

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