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+These here are some flowcharts I've been working on that describe how I think an OLSR version of Frottle should work. 
+Previously I've written that we should try to write a version of Frottle that works for any Adhoc routing protocol - or no routing protocol at all.  I've since learnt a bit about OLSR plugins and have decided that OLSR's neighbor databases would be very handy to use.  Also, OLSR seems to be streets ahead of other Adhoc routing protocols in terms of cross-platform implementation - so we don't lose much by not supporting other protocols. :) 
+I believe a Frottle OLSR Plugin may need to use a new type of Hello packet - replacing the regular hello packet of regular OLSR or the LQ_hello packet of the ETX plugin.  Because Frottle requires that all packets be delayed until polled, the regular hello packets will probaly not work as they are sent at timed intervals 
+These flowcharts are a work in progress, but I think the reader will get the gist of what I'm on about.  The idea is closely based on the ideas in these two papers: 
+The main problem to overcome is that not every node is a neighbor of every other node.  So tokens need rules to be able to backtrack when they hit a dead end.  Nodes need to keep track of the node that passed them the token - known as the predecessor, and of the node that they will pass the token to - known as the successor.  Also, a node may receive a token more than once, so it may have more than one predecessor and successor.  The node needs to keep track of the order of it's predecessor/successor pairs. 
+! Main Function 
+{http://users.bigpond.net.au/flett/wireless/AdhocFrottle/AdhocFrottle-Process_Main-Funct.v0.2.jpg Main Function} 
+! RX Function 
+{http://users.bigpond.net.au/flett/wireless/AdhocFrottle/AdhocFrottle-Process_RX-Funct.v0.2.jpg RX Function} 
+! Token Function 
+{http://users.bigpond.net.au/flett/wireless/AdhocFrottle/AdhocFrottle-Process_Token-Funct.v0.2.jpg Token Function} 
+! Solicit Successor Function 
+{http://users.bigpond.net.au/flett/wireless/AdhocFrottle/AdhocFrottle-Process_Solicit-Successor-Funct.v0.2.jpg Solicit Successor Function} 
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